• Real-Time Data

    Your customers are experts at food, people and operators at heart...Not data-bases, tables and report visualizations.  Let us partner with you to do the heavy lifting for them, so they can focus on what what they do best.

  • Video-Based Transaction and Event Search

    Empower your customers to add context to their data by searching Video and Audio recordings of transactions and other events to understand the cause behind the results they are achieving and how to replicate the good and eliminate the bad.

  • Trusted throughout North America

    Operators large and small choose Savi to help them increase their operational efficiency and decrease loss by utilizing our cloud-based video insight platform.

Why Partner With Us?

It's plug and play. Integration with existing systems is plug and play with little to no upfront cost and time.

Create additional revenue by providing even more value to your existing customer base, and open doors for new prospects.

It only makes sense if it makes cents.
​Flexible commission structures that fit your needs. One time pay out or residual based. 

Why Savi?

Above you can click to watch a brief introduction to our software platform.  But why do we do what we do?  We believe  that no matter how big or small an organization is, it's only as productive and good as it's people.  And we believe at their core, people are good and if you empower them with powerful tools, they will do incredible things.  

We think we've built one of those powerful tools and would love to help you grow your business with us.  

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